We have a new coach!

Congrats Coach! 👊🏻

Massive well done to Caroline (@c.bee25 ) for passing her CrossFit level 1 course and beginning life as an Adira Coach!

Over the past 2/3 months, we have had regular coaches meetings, shadow sessions, in-house training and improve our coaching across the board as a team!

It has been amazing to have another passionate coach contribute to our ever-growing community! Learn how we programme and improve week on week!

You’ve already settled in, impressed all of the members and stand for everyone we pride ourselves in at Adira!

Thank you for all your hard work so far – excited to see what the future holds for this coaching team 😁💪🏼

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Sample Session

5 Minutes – Workout Briefing
Every session being with a briefing. Here the coach will talk you through each part of the session and explain what the aim is for the day.

10 Minutes – Warm Up / Mobility / Movement Prep

20 Minutes – Strength / Skill
This varies each day, however each training block we do will have more emphasis on a particular movement to really push our strength in that area. This section tends be slower pace with a big focus on technique, usually followed by some accessory work, building muscle to aid the main lift.

A) Back Squat
2 x 6 @ 70% of 1RM
2 x 4 @ 75% of 1RM
2 x 2 @ 80% of 1RM

B) 3 Rounds:
10 Alternating Dual DB Step ups
10 Barbell Good Mornings
-Rest 90s between rounds-

25 Minutes – Conditioning
Before the conditioning begins the coach will go over the workout again, demonstrate each movement, show all the scaling options and talk you through the session flow. As you get set up the coach will come round and give you some pointers to focus on for the workout.

C) AMRAP 15 – RX Version
18/15 Calorie Row (M/F)
12 Box Jumps
9 Power Cleans @ 60/45kg (M/F)

AMRAP 15 – Example Scaled version
18/15 Calorie Row (M/F)
12 Alternating step ups
9 Wallball cleans @ 9/6kg (M/F)

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